Acrylic Counter: An Untouched mobile covid Precaution for offices.

Acrylic Counter: An Untouched mobile covid Precaution for offices.

Even though fully vaccinated, the risks of getting contracted with the virus weren’t fully gone, there were chances that you could get covid through some reason. Therefore, meeting your friends or working in the office was still a big question after the new set of rules and regulations for covid had been imposed on the entire world.

There was a major shutdown imposed for a long time, and consecutive lockdowns were ordered which made it difficult for businesses to operate therefore when it came to resuming the same businesses post-pandemic, customer safety also became a mandatory aspect to be covered religiously along with customer satisfaction.

acrylic counter

 What is an acrylic counter?

The acrylic counter was a great innovation, it came in very handy for storing things and making use of it to push them around the palace because the counter had wheels and was mobile at the same time.

These counters came with varying storage units and drawers, therefore they provided usability with the perfect blend of practicality.

These counters were easy to purchase, and the providers of these counters were also allowing the making of personalized counters, where the acrylic counters being made were of varying dimensions than the usual, possibly, the dimensions you had submitted them.

These acrylic counter were easy to clean as they made fingerprints and other such stains more visible under black light, which made them easier to be visible for cleaning and sanitization purposes.

Making the use of masks mandatory and sanitization at public places where bigger crowd gathering was to be expected was a really good call by the government but alone this wasn’t enough to battle the wildfire-like diseases that were spreading all around.

Therefore making use of these counters as a precautionary step was deemed very beneficial.

Published by John Vorhaus