Google Apps opens third-party applications and services

Google services are constantly updated with new features. A new and terrible feature is the ability to add additional services in addition to the standard offer of Gmail, Docs, Calendar and others. There are several useful tools in Google Labs, and over time they will probably be enough. At this time there is a clean bookmark service on the site, a forum / support center (moderator). There is also the most useful tool for version control and error tracking.

Google App Engine

It is also possible to add services created with Google App Engine. But here is the really sweet part; Developers can create their own integrated services with applications, the possibilities are endless here. All you need is the public key of the application to add a new service.

There are also some interesting services available from Google partners, some are free and others are based on subscriptions. The most visible free application that I have ever seen should be from third party app store, which manages the attachments and facilitates the search of attachments, among many other interesting features. Previously, third-party services for Google Apps were only available for Premier Edition applications, but not for users of the free version of Apps.

apk for android

I hope we see more interesting applications from Google Labs. There is also integration with Salesforce CRM, it is not very well integrated and it is a bit inconvenient, it may be suitable for some organizations, but the integration of Docs and Gmail can be improved, especially before transferring money. for a subscription to the sales service.


The combination of the ability to create applications that integrate with Google Apps and the recently opened API for writing programs in Google Docs opens an endless opportunity for document management solutions such as billing and other similar automated documents.

Published by John Vorhaus